Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes Has the Internet Drooling After Bodybuilding Film Announcement

George Gallo will direct Bigger, a biopic about bodybuilding pioneers Joe and Ben Weider. The brothers, who made for great tabloid journalist were “…against all odds, battled poverty and anti-Semitism to create the fitness industry as we know it,” according to Deadline.

Teen Wolf heartthrobs Tyler Hoechlin and openly gay Colton Haynes have signed on to the film. Hoechilin will play bodybuilder Joe Weider and Colton Haynes taking on the role of fitness guru Jack Lalanne.

“It’s beyond inspirational, and will resonate with not only the massive crowd of those who have found the balance of body and mind as essential for a healthy life but also the throngs of people that were inspired by Joe and his Mr. Olympia events,” Gallo told Deadline.

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