Tyler Oakley Reveals New Talk Show on Ellen

Youtuber, activist, and LGBT icon Tyler Oakley has long been a powerful voice to gay youths online through his videos. His videos range from the silly (games and challenges) to the serious, the struggles of being gay in America. After a long and successful career that has led him to publish a book, release a documentary, meet the Obamas, and even play with the their dogs, he is kicking off his own talk show!

The Tyler Oakley Show was launched on Ellen DeGeneres’ digital network recently, and he has already hosted a variety of celebrities. Idina Menzel, Tim Kaine, and Seth Rogen are just a few faces that have appeared on the show so far, and many more are sure to come.

Already, he has used this new platform to discuss everything from the experience of sudden fame to the importance of voting in this election season. Tune in here to watch more!

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