Unbweavable Sweater Made of Gay People’s Hair to Debut at Toronto Fashion Week

A sweater created only by using gay people’s hair is about to take its first walk down the runway at Toronto Fashion Week. Using donated hair from hundreds of gay people, founder of Ottawa-based Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Jeremy Dias, hopes your reaction will be “Wow, that’s so gay.” But he doesn’t want you to realize that saying gay as a derogatory adjective is wrong. “It started out as a joke. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there really (were) gay sweaters that were making out and falling in love with each other,” he said. “When you put on the sweater, you feel something,” he said. “It’s about having an object that feels.”

Created by Brenna MacDonald and Amelia Lyon, the two wove bags of donated hair into yarn. And despite feeling uncomfortable digging through bags of unknown people’s hair, the end result is powerful.  “I tend to be very quiet about my sexual preferences and my personal life in general,” she said. “I found that it was a way I could out myself without specifically saying anything. I wanted to be able to help out the project and remind myself that I’m physically a part of the gay sweater.” [MetroNews]

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