Unconventional Japanese Butoh Dance Comes To New York City

Brooklyn-based dance and art festival CAVE New York Butoh Festival, which begins today and runs through November 25, just entered its Butoh-Kan phase which is aimed at promoting and celebrating the origins and evolution of Butoh dance. This style began in Japan after World War II. While performing, dancers wear dramatic Japanese-inspired makeup. There is an athletic element as performers often prepare by meditating and doing martial arts and gymnastics. Taboo topics, extreme movements, and grotesque imagery are all characteristics of Butoh dance performances.

The festival will take place in various locations across New York City and will include talks, workshops, participatory events, and, of course, dance performances. Tickets cost $18-$24. If watching this unconventional dance inspires you, take a class in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at CAVE.

Nikki Dowling

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