Under New Gender Law, Transgender Bolivians Get Updated ID Cards

In a victory for Bolivia’s transgender community, all citizens may register now for identification cards with updated personal information, including affirmations of gender.

Local activist Pamela Geraldine Valenzuela was the first person to receive her updated ID last week, in a public ceremony held by La Paz mayor Luis Revilla.

“I wouldn’t let myself stop in my fight until I arrived at this moment, until the state recognised all transgender people in accordance with the identity that we have completely assumed,” said Valenzuela, who began her transition at the age of 15, Reuters reports.

“It took me more than 30 years for this change, and in these 30 years I have suffered so much discrimination, so much psychological, verbal, and even physical violence,” she said, continuing, “I believe that everything that has happened has come to fruition.”

In order to be processed, transgender people are asked to present psychological and medical documents that reflect on the gender identity they assume, plus name changes.

Reuters reports that some 150,000 Bolivians self-identify as LGBT, shy of 1.5% of the nation’s general population. Other nations in which gender laws allow reissues include Britain, Colombia, and Australia.

Photo via Twitter

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