Unofficial Rainbow MTA Pride Posters are Brightening New Yorkers’ Commutes

New York rush hour may be filled with long delays, but one group’s idea to create MTA-inspired Pride posters is putting smiles on the faces of straphangers. The signs, which imitate official MTA holiday posters, reads: “No bigotry, hatred, and prejudice at this station.”

Created by Thomas Shim , Ezequiel Consoli, and Jack Welles, the posters may be there without the permission of the MTA, but commuters can’t get enough of them on social media—with photos of the near-200 posters going viral.

They have also created a Pride flag to sit under the American flag on the exterior of some trains.

“We want people to feel that when they see these posters, they understand that this is a safe space,” Shim said to Gothamist. “The MTA is the darkest space in the city, and kids and adults need to understand that they can be as open as they are above ground, and they should feel safe. Not just LGBTQ people and women, but also people of color.”

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