US Embassy Puts Uganda on Blast for Canceling Pride

Uganda Pride, which was to take place last month, was abruptly canceled by the local government, and now the US Embassy has spoken out. Ugandan officials warned that anyone who went ahead and participated in the events would face arrest. Organizers spoke to the the Guardian, said that plans for the pride were “crushed” after Uganda’s Minster of Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo threatened participants. Sadly, “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” between two men carries a life-in-prison sentence.

A statement from US Ambassador Deborah R. Malac reads: “The U.S. is disappointed with reports that the Ugandan government has forced the cancellation of LGBTI Pride Week events. Under Uganda’s constitution, all individuals and organizations have right to associate freely in private and in public, without fear. It is responsibility of the government to ensure that human rights of all citizens, including LGBTI citizens, are respected and protected.”


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