US Supreme Court Says Texas Ruling that Gay Spouses May Not Receive Benefits is Legal

The US Supreme Court say that a Texas ruling that gay spouses may not be entitled to government-subsidized workplace benefits.

The potentially dangerous ruling could open the door to other states who want to chip away at the 2015 legalization of gay marriage.

According to Inquirerer: “Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to reject Houston’s appeal of the Texas court decision came without dissent or comment. The case began with a coalition of religious and socially conservative groups suing America’s fourth-largest city in 2013 to block a move to offer same-sex spousal benefits to municipal employees.”

“There was high hope that the Texas decision was so wrong that the court wouldn’t sit by and let it go,” said Kenneth Upton, a Dallas-based attorney for the prominent LGBT-rights group Lambda Legal. “That’s not how it works with the Supreme Court.”

According to ABC: “Conservative groups countered that the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t declare spousal benefits a fundamental right of marriage two years ago, and that it should be up to states to decide. They also see a chance for Texas to defend religious liberty under a state gay marriage ban that voters approved in 2005.”



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