Vice News Gives World First Look Inside Chechen Prisons Where Gay Men are Allegedly Tortured and Some Killed

In typical Vice News fashion, the HBO crew tackled a disturbing news story—that very little was known about—by going straight to the scene. In a new segment the news crew bravely visit Chechnya to talk to some higher-ups about the worldwide reports that gay men have been coralled and taken to “concentration-camp-like” prisons where there have been reports that some have even been murdered.

Upon arrival at a camp, which is reportedly called Argun, the news crew finds an empty, rundown establishment with broken windows, dirty floors, and unlivable conditions, but there does seem to be some evidence of people recently being the compound (footprints for instance).

“Imagine if there are gays. Would we, the Chechens, communicate with them at all?” Ayub Kataev, the prison warden who has been accused of torturing gay men asked the team. “My officers would not even want to touch such people—if they exist—let alone beating or torturing them.”

The tour continues, and, like after most human rights atrocities, rank-and-file leadership denies, denies, denies.

Vice does an expert job grilling the warden (and the reporter fearlessly tries to contradict that Chechen strongman).

Additionally, the visit a gay man in Russia who fled Chechnya, and see if he can identify the prison that they visited.

Watch below:

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