Vine Celeb and Soon-to-be Reality Star Alx James Comes Out

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Vine star Alx James, who has amassed over five million followers, has come out in a YouTube video. James finally squashed online mumblings about his sexuality by saying:

One of the biggest things obviously dealing with my life with the Bible is being gay and how that’s seen as an abomination. It’s very easy to pass judgement. It’s very easy to talk about someone when they’re not dealing with the situation other than yours. Don’t let someone tell you who you are. You know who you are and it’s okay to be who you are. My advice to anyone who is struggling with their sexuality and they are a believer in Christ – don’t let it stray you away from your faith. Don’t let the church tell you that it’s not okay to be who you are. Because it is. God does not make mistakes and God does not give you anything that you can’t handle. He doesn’t. It says it in the Bible.

James is currently developing a reality TV show with producer Collins Avenue. “Once in a great while a uniquely talented and quick-witted individual like Alx comes along that instantly captures the public’s attention,” said Collins Avenue President Jeff Collins. “We believe his memorable character spoofs, distinctive voices and extraordinary ability to tell a compelling story with a beginning, middle and end in just six seconds will allow us to expand the bounds of reality television in innovative new ways.”




Congrats James!

Watch his video after the jump…

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