Viral Short Film About Incest Slated for Sundance

Photo via Vimeo

Photo via Vimeo

Would you do it for a million dollars? Gabriel Miller and Andrew Laurich’s latest venture, an eight-minute short film about, among other things, incest, will bring that very question to the Sundance Film Festival next week.

As festival week approaches, Miller and Laurich sat down with Adweek to meet the core question behind A Reasonable Request head on, as it pertains to the subjects of their short, an estranged father and his desperate son.

Adweek: How did you come up with A Reasonable Request? 

Laruich: Gabriel had an experience with his dad.

Miller: Oh, yes, completely autobiographical [laughs]. … When you work in any agency environment for any length of time, it can be incredibly gratifying. But there’s also this kind of constant background atmosphere of restrictions and client needs and just general “[Here’s] what is acceptable in the public realm” taste wise. So there’s a degree of constraint that can be fun to work within but also frustrating at times, so for someone like me, you’re sort of naturally provocative and after years and years of restraint, when you’re finally let loose there’s going to be a louder bang.

Adweek: So as soon as you get a little freedom you go straight for incest? 

Laurich: That’s a great sexual metaphor. There’s something telling in that. … The kernel of the idea came from “What would you do for a million dollars?” and taking that to its extreme. Gabriel suggested the storyline of a son and his dad doing a blow job for a million dollars. I think initially I was put off by it.

Miller: I don’t understand the big deal. I’ve never had trouble thinking about it [laughs].

Read the rest of the Adweek interview here, and watch the short below:

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