Virginia Rejects Rule Prohibiting Adoption Discrimination for Same-Sex Couples

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The Virginia State Board of Social Services voted five to one Wednesday to legalize adoption-agency discrimination based on would-be parents’ sexual orientation, as well as six other characteristics.

This legalized discrimination in adoption comes after the State Board turned down, for the second time, an adoption-related rule change first written in 2009 by state social services officials that would have banned discrimination in the state’s adoption and foster care system based on sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability, political belief, and family status.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli both approve of the State Board’s ruling. Cuccinelli had written a letter to the board saying they had no authority to add sexual orientation as a protected class in adoption cases, because sexual orientation is not a protected class under state law. [Washington Blade]

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