Virtual Vacations: EarthCam Takes You There!

Man with Elephant in Bali

Man with Elephant in Bali

No matter where you’d like to visit, with EarthCam you can be transported instantly to some of the most exciting destinations around the world. It’s like having two eyes trained on dozens of locations at all times. Whether you’re an armchair traveler or a frequent flier, this website enables you to scan destinations that range from beautiful scenery and wildlife, to bustling intersections in the world’s busiest cities, including the Abbey Road crossing, Hollywood Boulevard, or Elvis Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. These glimpses can help you plan your next trip, or just take a mental break from wherever you happen to be.

Check out five webcam views after the jump… but we bet you can’t stop browsing after these.

1. Learn how an elephant takes a bath by watching this pool at the “World’s Best Elephant Park” in Bali, Indonesia.

2 . Enjoy a relaxing beachside view as the waves roll in from Aruba (and picture yourself under one of those white tents).

3. Scan the skies in Iceland for the northern lights, all from the warmth of your couch.

4. Watch the busy boats at Valletta Grand Harbour in Malta in the Mediterranean. This port has been active for over two thousand years.

5. Observe the comings and goings of a classic Amsterdam canal.

Plus, if you’re traveling to one of these destinations and want to wave to a friend back home– just arrange a time prior to arrival and have them log on to see you. It’s like a virtual postcard! And it’s free.

You’re welcome.

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