Viva Lypsinka! Drag Star Returns to the Stage

Image via Lypsinka

One week from today marks the first San Francisco performance in five years of Lypsinka, the brilliant neo-drag creation of actor John Epperson, who, for 30 years, has channeled the recorded voices of Hollywood royalty through his masterfully gestural body. Once a pianist for the American Ballet Theater, Epperson crossbreeds the camp of a diva-duping drag with the poetic control and technical precision of a dancer.

Epperson lip synchs speech more than song, performing to dialogue from movies or recorded interviews—as is the the case in The Passion of The Crawford, which he’ll be performing at the Rrazz Room from September 4-16. It’s easy to forget that Epperson is performing silently; his physical fusion with his soundtracks is uncanny…and spooky…and hilarious.

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