Vladimir Putin Confronted by Gay-Rights Advocates & Topless Women

Image via Mark III Photonics.

Image via Mark III Photonics.

Vladimir Putin was supposed to be visiting the Netherlands and Germany to show off the massive business that the two countries do with one another, but instead he was met with thousands of human-rights advocates—many of whom were topless. A group of feminists from the Ukraine bombarded the leader showing off their bare bodies and calling him a dictator. He also encountered a series of LGBT groups protesting him on his record for anti-gay sentiments. He used the opportunity at a press conference to trivialize the protest and insult women and gays. “I hadn’t had time to have breakfast, so I would have liked it more if they showed some sausage or pork fat, not the beauties they showed,” he said at a press conference in Amsterdam. “Thank God, the gays didn’t strip naked here.”

His visit to Amsterdam was met with thousands of LGBT activists as well as rainbow flags hung around the city all flew at half-staff—a display of gay pride that would become illegal in Russia if Putin signs the anti-gay propaganda bill into law.

According to AP

[Prime Minister MarkRutte said he had told Putin during their meeting that for the Dutch, gay rights are “inextricably linked with human rights.” In 2001, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage. Putin deflected the criticism, claiming that gay rights are not abused in Russia. “These people, like others, have all rights and freedoms,” he said.

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