Vodka Made From Fog? Make Ours a Double!

At last there’s a good excuse to drink yourself into a fog.

Or, more accurately, to drink a fog into yourself.

Let’s explain.

Northern California-based Hangar 1 Vodka has just released a limited edition bottling of Fog Point, a premium vodka distilled from fog captured by odd collection devices—at once rustic and steampunk— installed at two sites in the Bay Area.

Passport recently accompanied Chris Fogliatti—a research volunteer for the non-profit FogQuest—to the base of San Francisco’s landmark Sutro Tower to examine one these strangely beautiful contraptions: a wood-framed metal filament net specially designed to trap airborne water vapor, then funnel the re-condensed liquid into collection bladders on the ground. The second array of fog catchers is installed on the shore of Half Moon Bay, about an hour south of the city.

Back at Hangar 1’s manufacturing headquarters in Alameda, on the East Bay, chief distiller Caley Shoemaker blends the fog-sourced water with a vodka base distilled from another local resource—Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier wine. The result is a slightly floral spirit with virtually no sharpness.


FogQuest science volunteer, Chris Fogliatti (Photo: Jim Gladstone)


Detail of fog collecting mesh (Photo: Jim Gladstone)

Its easy to imagine that the soft edges of a fog bank have been translated into Fog Point’s unexpectedly smooth mouthfeel. It’s also easy to imagine that this is an elaborate marketing gimmick. So what!? Its genius.

Fog Point makes a unique cocktail party conversation starter. And all profits from its sales will be donated to FogQuest’s global efforts to develop fog-capture techniques to provide sustainable water solutions in drought-impacted areas.

So raise a glass of misty water colored memories, and bring good cheer to folks in need.

Learn more about FogQuest and the science of fog at

When visiting the Bay Area, Fog Point can be sampled on a visit to the Hangar 1 distillery. It can also be ordered online.



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