Walmart Finally Agrees to Give Benefits to Same-Sex Spouses

Image via Walmart's Facebook
Image via Walmart’s Facebook

It hasn’t been all rainbows for Walmart’s employees. Walmart has been one of the few top Fortune 500 companies to have had  a Corporate Equality Index below 50. Things did change, though, for the storewhen in 2011 they added protections for transgender employees, which brought their score up to a Super Walmart–sized 60. The company hadn’t yet embraced their gay and lesbian employees because it refused to offer benefits for same-sex spouses. Employers can now claim their partners for insurance. This sweeping statement also allows opposite couples to file a claim for insurance. So how does a partner qualify? They must live together for at least 12 months, though, no proof is required to enroll. Remember that most employees at Walmart are part-time and many can’t afford the company’s insurance plan.

Well, at least Walmart is beginning to roll in the right direction.  Now, how about a living wage?

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