Warsaw ‘Equality Parade’ Signals New Wave of LGBT Support in Poland

Screen cap via twitter

Screen cap via twitter

“Equal Rights, Common Cause” was the prevailing battle cry at this year’s ‘Equality Parade’ in Warsaw, Poland, as thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to demand greater rights and freedoms for LGBT people.

With rainbow-colored flags in tow, an assembly of nearly 15,000 marched from Sejm RP, the lower house of the Polish Parliament, to “The Rainbow” in Plac Zbawiciela, further winding its way uptown to one of the city’s principle squares, Plac Bankowy.

Despite having been the first European country in the modern-day EU to decriminalize homosexuality in 1932, Poland has since made little regulatory headway on the front of civil inequality, especially for same-sex couples, who today have no right to wed or to adopt children.

The 12 demands of the 15th annual Equality Parade called for better protections for LGBT people (as well as people with disabilities) against discrimination and hate speech, equal rights for transgender persons, sexual education programming in public schools, and the improved treatment of foreigners and undocumented persons.

Recent left-wing endeavors to challenge prohibitory legislature have generally been met with prompt derailment in Parliament, but the unmistakable annual growth of Warsaw’s vibrant pride procession has led many to conjecture that public support for gay rights in Poland is only becoming stronger.

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