Watch the Gay Adoption Ad that Fox Thought was too Dangerous to Air

An ad titled “Kids Pay the Price” was released by the Child Welfare League of America and the National Association of Social Workers that challenges LGBT adoption discrimination, but has been flagged as too controversial for Fox. The network blocked an ad, which was to appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight, that shows what happens if child service agencies weren’t regulated by anti-discrimination laws. The ad is a direct call to action against Michigan’s proposed law that would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against potential LGBT parents under “religious freedom” laws.

“Politicians are passing these laws, so it’s important for the public to understand how these laws can hurt kids,” said Ineke Mushovic, MAP’s Executive Director. “Fox News Channel’s refusal to air the ad suggests that the consequences kids may experience as a result of these laws are so negative that it’s better to let these laws pass unchecked than to ask news audiences to grapple with how harmful and troubling these laws really are. Sweeping these issues under the rug simply means more kids in harm’s way.”

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