Watch Lebanon’s First-Ever Sexual Health Week Video Featuring Gay Men

In a huge step for Lebanon, the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (or what’s creatively known as LebMASH) has released a video for the country’s first-ever LGBTI Sexual Health Week.
The series of videos highlights the issues that effect LGBT people in the country, and it includes info from Dr. Fadi who is considered one of the best sexual-health experts in the country.
‘As a doctor, my mission includes raising awareness and not just treatment. But I’m unable to fulfil my duties when it comes to the sexual health of LGBTI people and this worries me,’ he said in the video.

He continues by explaining that a law, article 534, prevents him from doing his job effectively, and hopes that one day the law against the LGBT community will be abolished: “There are many being denied their basic and important rights that include healthcare because they are so scared anyone would discover they’re gay.”

You can check out more of the informative videos over at their YouTube page. 

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