Watch Nike’s New Olympic-Sized Ad Featuring Transgender Athlete


Screen Shot via YouTube

Last night, the Olympic broadcast here in the United States made history. It was the first time that a company featured a transgender athlete in an ad. Nike showed Team USA’s duathlete Chris Mosier, who is the first transgender person to qualify for a US team. In typical Nike fashion, the brand shows the strength and courage needed to be an athlete and be true to oneself.

“As a result of getting the Olympic policy changed, and being able to compete myself in the World Championship, now there are young people out there who are just falling in love with sports, who can be their authentic self and play the sports that they love, and potentially be in the Olympics and not have to negotiate their gender identity in order to play the sports that they love,’ he told ESPN.

Mosier is not competing in the Olympics in Rio as there is no duathlete competition.

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