Watch: Pranksters Turn Hot, Humid New York City Subway Platform into a Spa

Screen Cap via YouTUbe

Screen Cap via YouTube

Those who live in New York City or have visited in the summer months know just how insufferable a trip underground to New York City’s subway system can be. It may be hot and humid above ground, but marry that with a lack of breeze (except for the oncoming train car), and you have the perfect condition for a sauna. New York’s now-famous comedy troupe, Improv Everywhere, decided to literally transform the 34th St. Station (Herald Square) into a spa-like environment. Robes, lemon-and-lime-infused water, and, of course, a nice sauna. Now that’s commuting in style.

Enjoy the video after the jump, and, don’t worry, we didn’t include the 34th St. Spa in our October Spa issue.


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