aussieBum Puts the Gold in the Gold Coast with $11,000 Underwear

aussieBum Puts the Gold in the Gold Coast with $11,000 Underwear

Now that gay men everywhere are ditching boxers for those is-he-wearing-anything underwear, the next obvious evolution in looking sexy and standing out is a pair of 24 karat-gold underwear. That’s right, Australian brand aussieBum has released the most expensive underwear ever made (according to the company), and they’ll reportedly sell for USD$11,249.33 (give or take the exchange). And before you think to yourself, who in their right mind would need gold underwear? Two men have already purchased their King Mid(ass)-approved tighty-whities…er…goldies.

Sean Ashby, founder and Managing Director of aussieBum said in a statement: “The Gold Rush era was one of the most exciting and prosperous times of Australian history. I’m mesmerized by the thought that people travelled from around the world to seek their fortunes in Australia. Now, people don’t have to travel down under to find their fortunes, they can find it online at”

You can purchase your pair here. 


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