We’re Lucky to Have General Mills on our Side: Company Releases Adorable Gay Pride Campaign

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

An LGBT campaign for Lucky Charm cereal, sold by General Mills, is showing a magically delicious side of the food company. The Lucky Charms campaign carries the theme and hashtag “Lucky to be.”  “We feel Lucky Charms is a brand of ‘magical possibilities’ for everyone and anyone,” said Marketing Manager Greg Pearson, last year, partly because each box contains three kinds of pieces shaped like rainbows, “one of the universal symbols of acceptance.”

But this campaign, which was also done last year, isn’t just a show of one-off support from the company, they also were very public about their support of bringing same-sex marriage to their home state of Minnesota.

This year’s campaign, which you can see after the jump, focuses more heavily on general acceptance and diversity, and we’re thrilled to see the brand so committed.


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