What a Wonderful Year for Gay-Inclusive Commercials


Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

Gay-inclusive ads have turned a new, more mainstream corner this past year with major brands such as Ikea, Tylenol, and Hallmark including the community in their ads. The most recent addition to the ever-growing list of brands making space for same-sex couples in their air time is Allstate. The passing of same-sex marriage has only made the incorporation of the LGBT community more powerful and has given way to different mediums of advertisements particularly in the digital space.

From a Washington Post article about the changing landscape of advertising: 

“Marketers have been moving for many years toward including more lesbian and gay consumers in ads, part of a trend reflecting the changing demographics of the American public,” Stuart Elliott, who has covered advertising for more than three decades, told me. He added that since the court’s ruling in June, LGBT-inclusive commercials have become “more widespread.” To that point, GLAAD’s chief executive, Sarah Kate Ellis, said, “These ads have the potential to accelerate much needed acceptance of the LGBT community.”

From commercials to print ads, gay-inclusivity is ringing in our ears!

Check out some of this year’s majorly inclusive commercials after the jump…

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