What Does Nadja Karlsson Love About Stockholm? You May Be Surprised!

Najda Karlsson photo via Visit Sweden

Najda Karlsson photo via Visit Sweden

Here’s a great interview with Nadja Karlsson that our friends at Visit Sweden sent to us today. We couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Transgender Nadja Karlsson is an ABBA-loving Tasting Room Manager at Spritmuseum in Stockholm. Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network asked her about everything from where she finds her inspiration, to what not to miss in Stockholm.

Who inspires you?

Queen Christina, Sweden’s most queer regent! Though she reigned in the seventeenth century, she continues to inspire fascination, debate and controversy even today. In her own time she was widely known as a rebel queen, a woman who followed her own path and refused to limit herself to the social norms of the day. I always ask for a statue of Christina as often as I can.

If you could spend an entire day in Stockholm with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you do?

Lasse-Maja (1785-1845) was a notorious Swedish transgender criminal. I would so much love to spend a day with her and let her show me her Stockholm.

What is your favorite neighborhood?

I must say Östermalm. Not around Stureplan, but the more quiet streets. Many of the houses here are from the last century and constructed in a very grandiose manner. On Östermalm you’ll find the churchEngelbrektskyrkan, the Stockholm Olympic Stadium and the Historic Museum.

Favorite museum?

Spritmuseum, the Museum of Spirits is the best! Always with new and exciting exhibitions. I also like the city walks made by the Stockholm City Museum.

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Best spot for coffee and something sweet?

In Stockholm we love our coffee and there are plenty of cafés to choose from in the city. Two of my favorite spots are Cafe Fåtöljen on Hornsgatan 55 and Caffé Como on Odengatan 106.

Best lunch spot?

For typical Swedish food go to Tennstopet. If you see Köttbullar & lingon on the menu, try that! It’s meatballs with lingonberries. The best Asian restaurant is Tokyo Diner in Hötorgshallen.

What restaurant do you take your partner to?

I love Oaxen Slip. Fairly traditional cuisine served in an exciting way.

What is a good host/hostess gift?

Swedes love to get nice bottles as gifts. Apple juice in vintage bottles, beer from a microbrewery, and of course Champagne – always a hit.

What’s the best bar in Stockholm?

19 Glass for the wine. If you want to meet LGBT people, visit Torget, a classic gay bar. Both places are in Gamla Stan, the oldest part of Stockholm. If you visit during Christmas or Easter you have to try Julmust and Påskmust. A non-alcoholic drink that all Swedes really love.

What’s your favorite store in Stockholm?

If you are in Sweden, don’t miss Systembolaget (monopoly government owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden). Systembolaget Regeringsgatan is amazing. When it comes to clothes, I try to keep track of some brands, like “Jumperfabriken”.

Best Swedish artist?

ABBA – without a doubt! But I also like Laleh, Lykke Li, Jenny Gabrielsson and Annis Brander.

Last but not least, what are you proud of as a Stockholmer? Or when are you proud to be a Stockholmer?

I am the most proud when I march in the Stockholm Pride parade! The parade has more than 50 000 amazing participants and more than half a million spectators. That makes Stockholm Pride the biggest annual event in Stockholm. Big rock festivals and princess weddings are defeated by Stockholm Pride in popularity. This is Sweden when we are at our best!

Find out more about Stockholm Pride taking place the 28th of July to the 2nd of August 2014.

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