What the Republican’s Anti-Gay Platform Will do to You

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Now that the Republican National Convention is over, we get a much fuller picture as to what the LGBT community can expect from a Romney administration. The party voted on their final platform, and, as you may expect, it is just as scary as you thought it would be. Policymic has a list of the nine policies that will affect you the most….

1. Restrict marriage to opposite-gender couples, and outlaw it for same-gender couples (page 10).

2. Waive inheritance taxes for opposite-gender couples, but keep taxing same-gender couples (page 2).

3. Grant human rights only as defined in the Christian Bible, and never to any LGBT people (page 9).

4. Continue civilian federal employee family benefits, but exclude LGBT people (page 10).

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5. Continue cutting military/veteran pay up to 40% for any soldier with a same-gender spouse (page 43).

6. Use religious freedom for other people as an excuse to deny civil rights to LGBT people (page 12).

7. Continue Boy Scout discrimination against LGBT scouts, volunteers, and employees (page 12).

8. Prevent discrimination by adoption agencies, but allow it against LGBT couples (page 12).

9. Allow immigration for opposite-gender spouses, but never for same-gender spouses (page 10).

 Find out what individual states are planning to do by clicking here.
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