What Would You Look Like as a Peanuts Character?

Photo via Passport Magazine

Screen Shot via Peanutizeme.com

Ever wondered what you might look like as a member of the Peanuts gang? Now, with Peanutize Me, you can pal around with Charlie Brown and Snoopy to your hearts content. Promoting the upcoming The Peanuts Movie, set to release on November 6, you can now turn yourself into a Peanuts character, complete with your very own hairstyle, eye color, nose, mouth, skin tone, outfit, and Peanuts-approved accessories.

“Charles Schulz always said there’s a little bit of him in all the characters he created,” said Director Steve Martino to USA Today. “Now we’ve built this website in a way that everyone can have the experience of finding themselves as a Peanuts character. This is so much fun.” Online, you can even choose which characters and what backdrops to pose with.

“You build the character that represents you,” Martino continued. “And since these are Peanuts characters, they sort of point to people’s inner child.”

Now’s the time to get in on the fun and bring out your inner child!

Peanutize yourself here, and watch the trailer for The Peanuts Movie after the jump.

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