What’s the Metro Area with the Largest Gay Population?

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

A new Gallup poll has asked Americans what the US Census doesn’t. What’s your sexual orientation. The new research finds interesting facts about where the largest concentration of LGBT persons are in the US. No surprise, it’s in the West. The highest concentration is in San Francisco. Other cities in the West also made the list like Portland, Oregon and even Salt Lake City.

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Metropolitan areas with the highest rates of L.G.B.T. residents
San Francisco 6.2%
Portland, Ore. 5.4%
Austin, Tex. 5.3%
New Orleans 5.1%
Seattle 4.8%
Boston 4.8%
Salt Lake City 4.7%
Hartford 4.6%
Denver 4.6%
Los Angeles 4.6%
Louisville, Ky. 4.5%
Providence, R.I. 4.4%
Virginia Beach 4.4%
Columbus, Ohio 4.3%
Jacksonville 4.3%
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