Will Gay Politician Robert Biedron Become Poland’s Next President?

“We need politicians for the 21st century,” left-wing openly gay Polish politician Robert Biedron told a crowd at a packed shopping center. The 42-year-old politician has ridden a wave of popularity among younger Poles who want to see change in the country’s conservative political system. A year ago Biedron didn’t even have an official party when he was polling at around 10%. Biedron is now a contender for president, after officially creating a new political party Wiosna (Spring) that has attracted other politicians who hope to shake up the two-party system in the Polish house.

Biedron is following a track similar to that of Emmanuel Macron in France as he has campaigned on “separate church and state, phase out coal, and improve rights for women and LGBT people.” According to the Washington Post: “His speech on Sunday bore some of the hallmarks of French President Emmanuel Macron’s early days on the campaign trail — when he started as an underdog outside of the traditional party system before quickly gaining momentum as voters abandoned the country’s two mainstream parties in droves. Amid a populist backlash, Macron managed to rally genuine supporters and voters afraid of a far-right president. In Poland, Biedron’s best bet might be to follow Macron’s path.”

Although the comparisons continue, Biedron insists that Poland makes him much more unique than Macron and even Bernie Sanders. He says that Poland’s current politics is more like “medieval times.” Insisting that the country now needs “…politicians for the 21st century.”

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