World Oceans Day is Friday June 8. Get Involved. Make A Difference.

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World Ocean Day takes place on June 8 and  The Ocean Project and The World Ocean Network want to raise awareness about ocean conservation. The 2012 theme for this annual event is Youth: The Next Wave for Change. The focus this year is to inspire and educate youths in communities all around the world. There are a variety of ways  everybody can get involved in the cause. You can either create your own event on the website, attend a planned event, donate, or  just spread the word by “Wearing Blue and Telling Two.” Participants are encouraged to make personal lifestyle changes that will benefit the individual as well as the ocean, initiate year-long educational events and most importantly get involved in volunteer work like aquatic clean-up projects.

Read more about The Ocean Project and The World Ocean Network.

To find out more about how you can get involved, click here.

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Beautiful coral reefs are threatened by a variety of factors including climate change, overfishing and pollution.

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The population size of the Great White Shark has dwindled due to unregulated trade and excessive hunting.

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World Oceans Day inspires people all around the world to help clean up the aquatic environment.

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Oil spills are arguably the worst form of pollution for oceanic life.

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World Oceans Day was created to gather support in effort to conserve the wonders that are present below the ocean’s surface.

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