World’s Oldest Tortoise: ‘Yep, I’m Gay’

The world’s oldest tortoise, who just celebrated his 186, has been revealed as gay. Jonathan has himself a younger man for the past 26 years named Frederic. The couple lives a slow-going life in St Helena (an island off the coast of Africa) and was given to the governor of the British Overseas Territory in the 30s.

His notoriety extends well past his home in the zoo—he is featured on the Territory’s five-pence coin.

He was given his mate in 1991 “Federica” and the two never enjoyed children, but recently, as Federica underwent a small procedure to fix a lesion on “her” back, vets discovered that she is actually a male.

Interestingly enough, the island is currently debating whether or not to allow same-sex marriage. Hopefully this newfound gay couple can show us that gender doesn’t matter in the animal kingdom as long as love’s involved.


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