Xavier Bettel Set to Become Europe’s Second Openly Gay Prime Minister

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

On the leadership front, Europe is setting the prime example for equality as Xavier Bettel, the openly gay mayor of Luxembourg City, seems set to become the continent’s second openly LGBT prime minster, following the lead of Belgium’s Elio Di Rupo, who became the first in December of 2011.

If Bettel is successful in forming a coalition government in Luxembourg by next month, he’ll be firmly positioned to assume the country’s highest political office and his partner Destenay Gauthier will join him in the Prime Minister’s official residence.

While the fact that Di Rupo and Bettel’s political achievements are an inspiring symbol of progress and equality for the LGBT community in Europe and across the globe, what may be even more inspiring is the how little discussions of their sexuality have permeated the spheres of media and politics in Europe.“Society is changing and what would be considered as not normal is fully normal nowadays.  You can live your life as yourself and be considered as you are,” Bettel said in an interview with Buzzfeed. “I never hid [my sexuality]. It’s a fact.  I am like I am and I want to be honest with myself and honest in politics.”

Bettel also told Buzzfeed that he has plans to legalize same-sex marriage within the next year, continuing Europe’s progressive track record.

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