You’re Not Fired! Donald Trump Says Gays Shouldn’t be Fired Based on Their Sexuality

Image via Donald Trump's Facebook.

Image via Donald Trump’s Facebook.

Donald Trump has been a long enemy of the LGBT community because of his not-so PC statements. Up until a month ago when gay marriage was ruled the law of the land, Trump managed to blame it on a Bush-appointed judge. Though, once in a while, he does support the community—he is a New Yorker after all.

When asked by NBC’s Meet the Press if companies should be legally  allowed to fire LGBT persons, the Apprentice host said ‘Well, it’s a big discussion and I guess it’s getting a lot of negative rulings right now… and I’m willing courts to go with what the courts are saying.

Asked the question a second time, he said: ‘I don’t think it should be a reason, no.’

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