America’s First Cannabis Cafe to Open in West Hollywood

Opening in September, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe will be the first restaurant in America to openly allow cannabis consumption. The new West Hollywood cafe will feature a first-of-it’s-kind menu created by its world class head chef, Andrea Drummer, who is renowned for her ability to pair a cannabis strain with dishes to enhance one’s experience.

Guests will be introduced to cuisine that represents the flavors of California with seasonal dishes complementary to the effects of THC. As a premium option, Lowell Farms’ Flower Host provide table side Flower Service to explain the variety of strains offered, their effects, and origins while rolling the perfect smoke.

Lowell Farms’ goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment where guests can enjoy themselves while learning about consumption. The restaurant has been given official approval from the city of West Hollywood with all the necessary business licenses to create this one of a kind travel destination.

For more about the exciting world of Cannabis Tourism check out Cannabis Tourism: More Than a Rocky Mountain High.

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