Best Companies For LGBTQ Employees

Best Companies For LGBTQ Employees

The workplace, classrooms, and other public spaces in the U.S. can often be unsafe or uncomfortable for LGBTQ+ people, especially in a political climate that churns out anti-LGBTQ+  bills on a weekly basis. 

Luckily, some companies are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their employees are protected and supported. Some of the most famous and successful companies in the world, like Amazon, have protections for their employees (including coverage for gender-affirming care), but rarely have a clean slate when it comes to fully supporting LGBTQ+ rights. In 2022, Bloomberg reported that Seattle Pride dropped Amazon as its parade sponsor over company donations to politicians voting against LGBTQ+ equality. 

Here are some of the best companies for LGBTQ people to work at according to Pink News.


Last year, HSBC, one of the world’s largest financial organizations and banks announced it would pay for trans’ employees’ gender-affirming care. A representative for the company told PinkNews “Our diversity is a defining feature of who we are and how we operate, and we are a proud and active supporter of customers and colleagues across the broad spectrum of diversity of sexuality and gender identity.” 


Netflix has been in hot water for approving streaming of anti-trans content in shows like Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, but the company has been providing employees with gender-affirming care coverage for almost 10 years. The streaming platform will reimburse employees in the U.S. up to $10,000 in travel expenses to receive care out of state.


Perhaps one the biggest social platform conglomerates in the world, Meta, owns Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. This company has also been providing employees with access to gender-affirming care in benefit packages, including surgeries. 


This one may come as a surprise, but this specialty body care shop and soapery boldly supported the LGBTQ community in 2018 with new products called “Inner Truth.” Proceeds from purchases of these products went to the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Lush has been known to donate to many worthy causes and organizations, and their stuff smells amazing.

Virgin Atlantic

This airline company took strides toward ‘de-gendering’ flight attendant uniforms, allowing staff of all genders and identities to choose a uniform that best represents who they are. Along with your own personalized outfit, name badges with pronouns are available to allow for easier communication between flight attendants and passengers. Virgin Atlantic also offers time off to employees for gender-transition medical procedures along with other trans inclusive policies.

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