‘Bridgerton’ Queer Love Stories

‘Bridgerton’ Queer Love Stories

Popular Netflix series Bridgerton has finally given its characters queer awakenings this season. Warning: season three spoilers ahead. 

The Bridgerton family are known for their looks and charm, and throughout the first and second seasons, viewers were teased with the idea that outcast older brother, Benedict Bridgerton, may be gay as he encounters alluring male characters who entrance him with art and intrigue. But soon after, the writers kept Benedict busy with a string of casual heterosexual flings.

This season Benedict pursues a relationship with progressive Tilley Arnold (Hannah New), and is eventually led to a threesome with Tilley’s friend Paul. Following various sexual encounters, Tilley asks Benedict to pursue a more serious relationship with her, which Benedict turns down saying she “opened his world” and he isn’t looking to close it once more. What’s next for Benedict? We are anxiously waiting.

It has been said by showrunner Jess Brownell and Benedict actor Luke Thompson that the character is pansexual, according to StyleCaster. What’s more, fans predict that the next season could center around Benedict, his unfolding relationships, and potential long-term love interest. 

Also in season three, viewers watch a peculiar relationship unfold between Francesca Bridgerton and Lord Kilmartin. Though a clear fondness grows between the pair before they wed at the seasons close, Francesca all the while seems unsure of her decision and gives a few longing glances to other women. At the season’s close, after Francesca becomes Lady Kilmartin, she is introduced to his gorgeous cousin Michaela Stirling, played by Masali Baduza. A long lingering pause and a nervous introduction imply that Francesca is crushing on Michaela, and clearly shocked by her attraction. Sadly, this encounter is all we are afforded, but we are on the edge of our seats.

Until now, LGBTQ+ characters have remained on the sidelines, and none of the leading ladies or lords have gotten queer love stories. Whether showrunners decide that season four will center on a queer love story is yet to be seen, but we are hopeful for more representation as the rest of the Bridgerton family find their life partners.

Featured Image: Luke Thompson (Photo by Fred Duval)

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