Grindr Introduces A New Travel Feature

Grindr Introduces A New Travel Feature

Popular gay men’s dating app Grindr has introduced a new travel feature that might help you meet other people when traveling.

Grindr’s official travel mode, titled “Roam,” allows users to change their location settings to talk and text with people in other destinations before they travel there. 

While in Roam travel mode, Grindr users can pick a new location and swipe for up to an hour. This is meant to provide an opportunity to meet new people and get an idea of the best places to eat, drink, stay, and explore. It also give users the opportunity to arrange a time to meet with other users around the world, according to Pink News. 

George Arison, the app’s CEO said in a statement “Grindr is the connective tissue for the gay community around the world, and as we set out to fulfill our new mission, I’m excited to provide digital access to important relationships, resources, and information that exist in so many physical Gayborhoods.” 

Historically, Grindr has garnered a reputation as a platform to find partners for casual hookups or dates, so many can’t help but wonder if the new Roam feature is a part of a larger rebrand to become an app that fosters more meaningful connections. As Thrillist reports, “notably absent from the Roam announcement is the inevitable fact that many users will surely use this as an expanded version of whatever they’re already using it for, but instead of no-strings sex ‘now,’ it’s no-strings sex ‘next month.’”

The dating app industry is fiercely competitive, but also divided in sects. While apps like Tinder and Grindr have become infamous for enabling hookup culture to endure, apps like Hinge or Match offer more curated selections and place more value on personality than looks. 

Another new feature rumored to be introduced soon is the “AI boyfriend,” which is meant to act as a virtual boyfriend to users. Though this feature is controversial, and we’re really not sure how we feel about it, many applications are beginning to incorporate AI to elevate user experiences.

Though Roam is not currently available to all Grindr users globally, as is still undergoing market testing, it is set to launch for all users later this year. 

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