Pope Francis Denounces ‘Hypocrisy’ Of Those Who Criticize LGBTQ Blessings

Pope Francis Denounces ‘Hypocrisy’ Of Those Who Criticize LGBTQ Blessings

After receiving backlash for his historical decision to let the Catholic church bless same-sex marriages, Pope Francis is denouncing the “hypocrisy” of his critics.

Throughout the final months of 2023, the church was taking small strides to becoming more inclusive, and in December. Pope Francis officially approved the informal blessings of same-sex marriages within the church. A rush of backlash from conservative parishes around the world followed the decision. Despite this, Pope Francis maintains that he made the right choice, and “warned those who disagree with it that their ‘hypocrisy’ is showing,” according to Pink News

In an interview with Italian magazine Credere, Pope Francis claimed “I do not bless a ‘homosexual marriage,’ I bless two people who care for each other, and I also ask them to pray for me.” 

Also in this interview, he goes on to say his blessing cannot be denied to anyone capable of receiving baptism. He also points out the hypocrisy of those criticizing his decision. “No one is scandalized if I bless an entrepreneur who perhaps exploits people: and this is a very serious sin…Whereas they are scandalized if I give it to a homosexual… This is hypocrisy! We must all respect each other. Everyone! The heart of the document is welcome.”

He also warns that the “gravest of sins” is not in fact homosexuality, but for people to “disguise themselves with a more ‘angelic’ appearance.” In January, the Pope issued a statement that advised those who opposed the blessings of same-sex marriages to take “an extended period of pastoral reflection.” Attempts to step closer to a more “pastoral” church have been seen across the board with organizations like New Ways Ministry forming in support of LGBTQ+ Christians.

The church has long rejected same-sex marriages, maintaining that in Catholic belief “marriage is an indissoluble union between man and woman.”  Pope Francis has been one of the first popes to voice some tentative support for same-sex couples, and despite some inconsistencies in his rhetoric surrounding LGBTQ+ Catholics, his actions have moved to accept them into the church gradually. 

In Pope Francis’ January statement responding to the backlash, he said: “We will all have to become accustomed to accepting the fact that, if a priest gives this type of simple blessing, he is not a heretic, he is not ratifying anything nor is he denying Catholic doctrine.”

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