The Sherry Vine Variety Show Brings Drag Superstars to OUTtv

The Sherry Vine Variety Show Brings Drag Superstars to OUTtv

Sherry Vine is a drag legend who was been in the industry for decades. She’s one of the reigning queens from the pre-Drag Race era and knows the industry inside and out. She’s now used her knowledge and talent to assemble a cast of drag superstars for an epic variety show like no other.

The Sherry Vine Variety Show harkens back to retro variety shows from the 70s, and on May 25th, Vine will be joined by an all-star cast, including Alaska Thunderfuck, Bob the Drag Queen, Bianca Del Rio, Jackie Beat, Peppermint, Tamie Brown, and more. The broadcast is set to feature lots of sketeches, singing, comedy, and more.

When asked about the event, Vine stated, “As a child, I was obsessed with Carol Burnett and the variety shows of the 70’s. Working on this show, with the unbelievably talented cast and crew, is literally a dream come true.”

Younger queens, such as Bob the Drag Queen, took a humorous jab at Vine when asked about the show, saying, It’s always an honor to work with a legend like Sherry Vine. And we always say yes because. . .you know. . . this could be her last show.”

The show will begin streaming on May 25th in the US and Canada on Apple TV’s OUTtv, and on FROOTtv in the UK and Ireland.

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