What You Can Do to Help LGBTQ Ukrainians

What You Can Do to Help LGBTQ Ukrainians

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has gotten progressively worse over the last few weeks, with recent reports of the massacre in Bucha and the bombing of a crowded train station in Kramatorsk. The situation is even more dire for LGBTQ+ Ukrainians. Many are being forced to flee the country to surrounding nations, many of which are homophobic, like Poland and Hungary.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help LGBTQ Ukrainians. PinkNews has started a campaign called  LGBTQ Refugees Welcome. The news agency is asking readers to help support their new campaign which will donate money to two causes. First is OutRight Action International’s LGBTIQ Ukraine Emergency Fund. The fund is being used to help get supplies to LGBTQ Ukrainians who are still stuck in the country and facing a lack of necessities.

Secondly, the campaign is supporting Mirco Rainbow, a UK-based charity that provides safe housing for LGBTQ asylum seekers and refugees. Micro Rainbow also helps provide supplies like food, bedding, and clothing to those who have been displaced and are seeking safe haven.

Another excellent cause to help support is Rainbow Railroad. The organization is renowned for working with a network of partners and agencies to help LGBTQ people escape countries where they are persecuted. There are tons of ways you can get involved with this critically-needed organization. From volunteering your time to hosting a fundraising event, or making a donation.

Another excellent way is to support Kyiv Pride. Donations to the organization immediately provide assistance to people in Ukraine and help provide vital necessities like food and shelter for those who have fled their hometowns and need a place to stay.

To find more ways to help, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has complied a list of dozens of resources you can donate to and volunteer with to help LGBTQ Ukrainians receive supplies at home and assist those who are now refugees and are seeking shelter in other countries.


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