32,000 People Demand that CNN Remove Anti-Gay Tony Perkins

Image via Glaad.

Image via Glaad.

Over 32,000 people have signed a petition launched by Faithful America asking that CNN remove anti-gay Tony Perkins from the air. Perkins, who is president of the Family Research Council, has been given air time by the news network since the Supreme Court of the United States’ decisions on same-marriage. Perkins has been chosen as the talking head for the Christian right. The online petition reads:

This week, millions of Christians celebrated as our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters came one step closer to equality. From coast to coast, church bells rang out to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision overturning the so-called Defense of Marriage Act.

But CNN once again turned to a hate-group leader to speak on behalf of America’s Christians. Less than an hour after the decision was announced, they interviewed Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who falsely warned that the court decision would lead to “religious organizations losing their exemption.”

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