Kansas Bill Will Censor All LGBTQ+ Websites

Kansas Bill Will Censor All LGBTQ+ Websites

A bill against the LGBTQ+ community has been proposed in Kansas to censor queer websites citing them as a danger to minors.

If passed, Kansas’ new bill would require age verification on sites where more than 25% of its content is deemed “harmful to minors.” Depictions of homosexuality and other LGBTQ+ identities are included on the list of “harmful” content. 

In the proposed bill, even pictures of queer couples holding hands could potentially be considered “pornographic” Democrats warn. In the statute, homosexuality is listed alongside “overtly sexual acts” as harmful to minors. 

According to the Kansas City Star, Democrat Rep. Rui Xu asked lawmakers on the House floor whether the bill could censor a website listing the “top 10 most gay-friendly cities.” He continued to question how the vaguely written bill could be used to oppress and censor non-explicit content that features LGBTQ+ themes or information. 

If expanded upon, this law could censor LGBTQ+ content such as books, education and other non-explicit depictions of same-sex couples. 

Throughout the country, efforts to censor LGBTQ+ people and media have worsened. From the “Don’t Say Gay” law which bans discussions of queer identities in schools in Florida, to banned books in public libraries and educational institutions, various laws seek to limit the freedoms and expression of LGBTQ+ people in red states from the east to west coast. 

The bill now awaits signing on the desk of Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly. Should she sign the bill, Kansas would join Texas, Arkansas, and Utah in the censorship of minors’ access to “explicit” content online. 


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