5 Streaming Services with LGBTQ+ Collections

With everyone stuck at home, streaming movies and TV shows have become the national pastime. Over the last five years, more and more streaming services have entered the market, offering everything from Oscar-winning classics to anime. Some streaming platforms have even included LGBTQ+ collections to their online libraries, giving everyone access to queer cinema, a genre they may not have known otherwise. Below are five awesome streaming services that have LGBTQ+ collections.



Netflix (Photo: pixinoo)

Netflix was one of the first streaming platforms to include an LGBTQ section. But then again, Netflix was also one of the first streaming services, period. Titles in their library include the RuPaul drama AJ and the Queen, among many others. In fact, it was Netflix that was responsible for the whole Babadook movement after it accidentally categorized the movie in its LGBTQ section. $8.99/mo.



Haunted House (Photo: Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu)

Shudder is an online streaming service from AMC that specializes in horror, paranormal, and mystery. They have a Queer Horror section that has films like Lizzie, starring Kristen Stweart, and Stranger by the Lake. Shudder has also started creating original content, like their show Deadwax, which stars a queer character. Horror has always included gay, and some of the offerings may shock you. $4.75/mo.



Tubi (Photo Courtesy of Tubi)

Tubi wants to completely change the way we watch movies and TV. Forget paying for cable. Forget paying for Netflix. Tubi is 100% free. And it has a huge database from which to choose. Their LGBTQ section is packed full of some of queer cinema’s most notable films like Latter Days, Another Gay Movie, and the Eating Out series. You will have to watch some commercials, but for free entertainment, it’s worth it. Free.



Scene from ‘Solo’ (Photo Courtesy of TLA Releasing) 

For the true queer cinephile, TLA is your best bet. They have VOD streaming of new and classic LGBTQ+ films from around the world. From gay horror, to musicals, to documentaries, and even Icelandic gay cinema… TLA literally has everything. And for anyone who doesn’t like watching online, you can purchase DVDs and Blu-rays from TLA as well. Streaming ranges between $1 – $5 per film.



Watching movies (Photo: KeyStock)

Fandor is for the true film buff; the kind who likes indie cinema, foreign films, and old silent movies. Fandor is loaded with rare movies you can’t find anywhere else, including a large selection of LGBTQ+ films. If you’re looking to explore experimental filmmaking, emerging directorial talent, or risque cinema, Fandor is the platform for you. 5.99/mo.



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