Republican Judge Switches Parties After Officiating Same-Sex Wedding

Image via Texas Courts

Image via Texas Courts

A Republican Texas judge has quit the Republican party just days after officiating his first same-sex marriage. Justice Terry Jennings said that he was sick of the party’s intolerance and is now a Democrat, making him the only Democrat on the Texas FIrst Court of Appeals. Justice Jennings credits his change of heart and ideology on his children who were troubled that he was associated with a party that was increasingly becoming alienated from. After presiding over the same-sex wedding he said “that’s when I started thinking…well maybe I’m not in the right party then.

He also feels that the modern-day Republican party isn’t reflective of the former-GOP and his current views. “Today’s Republican Party has chosen a dark path I cannot take,” Jennings said at a Democratic fundraising dinner over the weekend, where he officially made the announcement that he was switching parties..“It’s just a party I didn’t feel comfortable being a member of anymore,” he told the Houston Press. “You’ve heard the common expression a thousand times: I didn’t leave my party; my party left me. And it’s true.”

He noted that he is not showing support for either of the candidates, because ethically as a judge he shouldn’t, but said he is excited to see a woman finally get her shot at the presidency.


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