8 Places to Escape the Holidays for Solo Travelers

Flash Pack, the travel and adventure company for solo travelers in their 30’s and 40’s has just released a list of the best places to take a holiday from the holidays. If you’re the kind of person who would rather travel during this festive time of year, then these great destinations may be perfect for you. Pack you bags, tell your family you’ll see them next year, and head out on an epic journey with a group of other solo travelers.

By Keith Langston



Petra, Jordan (Photo: DimaSid)

Christmas lights are great and make the season festive, but wouldn’t you prefer to sit under a blanket of actual stars? Jordan’s Dana Nature Reserve is famous around the world for its prime stargazing. Looking for an eco-friendly yet luxurious stay? The Feynan Ecolodge is the place to be. After your night of basking in the evening sky, enjoy camel rides to Petra and a refreshing swim in the Dead Sea.



Garden Route National Park, South Africa (Photo: Neja Hrovat)

If you are looking to escape winter all together, celebrate the holidays in the Southern Hemisphere where it is summer! A prime location where you can enjoy the natural beauty of our planet is along South Africa’s Garden Route, a journey known for its gorgeous and varying plant life. After seeing some green, why not try some red, or white, at one of South Africa’s famous vineyards. And don’t forget to celebrate New Years in Cape Town! The city is known for throwing quite the party.



Cuzco, Peru (Photo: Sharptoyou)

Maybe the reason you’re running away this holiday season isn’t to avoid your family’s fighting… but it’s because they don’t fight enough. If so, head on down to Peru to check out a local Christmas festivity known as “Takanakuy.” This holiday celebration takes place on December 25th, and consists of lots of dancing, eating, and fighting (sounds like the Langston family Christmas to me…). The point is to allow neighbors to settle scores and debts before the new year. The day after Christmas, a second celebration takes place, where all the winners of the fights come together to, and I quote, “release pent-up energy…



Sugba Lagoo, Philippines (Photo: Mahara)

There’s few places on this planet that are as diverse as the Philippines. Large cities lead to rolling countryside, while tropical beaches give way to islands, coves, and atolls. The very nature of the Philippines is even questioned. Does it belong as part of Asia, as part of the South Pacific, or a bit of both? For a truly dynamic escape, this is the place. And don’t let this far away destination keep you from celebrating the holidays! Multiples cities in the country have light festivals during the holiday season. Trees are done up in festive cheer, and intricate and ornate structures are all made using millions of Christmas lights. There’s also the famous Giant Lantern Festival!



San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (Photo: Bill Perry)

Looking to get away for the holidays because your family just doesn’t have enough Christmas spirit? Then head down to Mexico. The nation is 83% Catholic, and they worship in a very festive and opulent way. See cities decked out with Christmas lights and luminaria (Christmas Eve lanterns). Eat excellent holiday foods like bunuelos rolled in cinnamon and sugar, rompope (an eggnog like drink) that’s been doused with heaping portion of alcohol, and homemade candies. And don’t forget to stroll through christmas markets selling gorgeous poinsettias.



Winter in Finland (Photo: BlueOrange Studio)

Perhaps you’re going on an adventure this holiday season because you’re determined to ensure that this year, you will most definitely have a white Christmas. And no place is better for that than Finland. For an added layer of winter bliss, make your way up to Finnish Lapland where you can spend your nights watching the aurora borealis. It’s sure to be a holiday season you’ll never forget!



Bali, Indonesia (Photo: Monika Vlageryte)

On the other hand, maybe this is the year you’ve decided you will most definitely not have a white Christmas. Then trade out your boots for sandals and do your own Eat, Pray, Love by heading down to the always beautiful island of Bali. Spend your holiday season hiking through rice patties, doing yoga in the jungle, and catching some waves.



Laguna Azul, Chile (Photo: Kavram)

A few days before Christmas, the Northern Hemisphere celebrates our winter solstice. But in the Southern Hemisphere, they’re celebrating the start of summer. And the further south you go…the longer the days get. If you’re looking for a seriously distorted holiday experience, why not celebrate Christmas while also celebrating the midnight sun? That’s right, the Patagonia region of Chile will get over 16 hours of sunlight. Head to the town of Bellavista to party the night (or day?)  away.

Looking to travel this holiday season, but have nobody to go with? Check out Flash Pack and join one of their travel groups made up of other solo travelers! 





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