Another Memeber of the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Opens His Beak Against Gays

Screen Shot via CNN

Screen Shot via CNN

Who could forget this year’s Duck Dynasty fiasco? When Phil Robertson mouthed off to GQ magazine about his anti-gay opinions. Now, it seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the pond as son Willie Robertson decided to open up about his father’s controversy and his personal opinions.

CNN’s Kyra Phillips asked: “Let’s lay it out. He paraphrased First Corinthians where it talks about homosexuals, male prostitutes, drunkards, thieves, that they’re all the same. Is that what you believe?”

“I believe what the Bible says. And so that’s what he says to put those in. You have to read the Bible and make up your own mind. God will ultimately decide that. We don’t profess to be God and we certainly don’t profess to be perfect because we have our own sins to deal with,” Robertson said.

In which Philips replied: “And for him and for you, the Bible is literal, that’s how it is, right?”

“That’s how it was said,” he said.

Viewers have been flocking from the A&E show as last week’s ratings were a 16-month low. The interview coincides perfectly with the series finale, could this be another ratings ploy?

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