Australia To Create Affordable Housing For Trans Women

Australia To Create Affordable Housing For Trans Women

As states across the U.S. continue to pass and propose transphobic legislation, on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia the first ever affordable housing for trans women is being planned. 

The housing mission is a partnership between transfeminine All Nations housing co-operative and the Sydney city council. Common Equity New South Wales will purchase seven properties and outfit them for women who are considered “highly at risk.”

Housing will be specifically used for women whose income ranges from very low to moderate. In an exclusive with Pink News, Common Equity NSW chief executive Nick Sabel said the project would “create a strong viable and thriving housing co-op which delivers positive outcomes for trans women.” 

Globally, trans women are at a higher risk of becoming homeless, namely because of anti-trans discrimination. The U.S. National Center for Transgender Equality found that one in five trans people has faced discrimination in their search for housing.

The designs for the housing will include input from women, and will be low cost due to the city council’s excess land scheme, which according to LGBTQ Nation identifies government-owned properties that are not being utilized and are then sold to organizations where they can be used for those in need.

“All Nations have strong support arrangements with a range of services and agencies. We will also link with other agencies such as the Gender Centre and [community health charity] ACON to support this transgender co-op,” Sabel told Pink News. He also spoke of his hope that the model in Sydney is pioneering and will be imitated around the world.  

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