Bisexual Senator Kyrsten Sinema Opposes LGBTQ Rights

Bisexual Senator Kyrsten Sinema Opposes LGBTQ Rights

The House and Senate are currently fighting over some very big issues, including an infrastructure bill and reforming the filibuster. However, Arizonan Democratic senator, Kyrsten Sinema seems to be siding with Republicans on both measures, hurting protections for LGBTQ people.


Infrastructure Bill

Sinema is avidly opposed to supporting Democrat’s 3.5 trillion spending bill, claiming that she can’t justify anything so expensive. However, the bill would greatly benefit the lives of all Americans. According to CNN, the bill includes tons of much-needed measures for the country, including funds for America to become more sustainable, universal pre-K, and support for America’s wildlands which would also allot money to help fight against forest fires.

But more importantly, the bill offers help in the areas where LGBTQ people need it most. The LGBTQ community statistically faces more homelessness, unemployment, and undereducation than their heterosexual counterparts. Luckily, the spending package addresses this and supports things like tuition-free community college, expanded federal healthcare, and increased housing assistance. The new bill would greatly impact the lives of LGBTQ people…and yet Sinema refuses to support it.

Filibuster Measures

Democrats are also seeking to reform the filibuster, largely because it’s historically been used by conservatives to get their way even though their beliefs serve a minority of the American population. In fact, the filibuster’s main purpose throughout the nation’s history has been to deny rights and services to minority groups. Yet again, despite the fact that the filibuster has been used to oppress people, Sinema supports it.

So this all begs the question of why? If you’re a resident of Arizona, you can contact Kyrsten Sinema and make your voice heard. You can visit her contact page here.

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