Celebrities to Host ‘Love-a-Thon’ on Inauguration Day, and They Infuriate Republicans

On January 20, celebrities are standing up to Donald Trump in a powerful way. Instead of anger, they’re hoping to raise money to help charities that promote equality and love.

According to the Love-a-Thon’s Facebook;

This Inauguration Day, we’re raising $500,000 to defend civil liberties.

Join us for a three hour Facebook Live broadcast with music, entertainment and stories about causes that matter. It’s time to take a stand.

Artists, musicians, and actors including Judd Apatow, Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Guest, Tim Robbins and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco are coming together live on Inauguration Day to bring you a broadcast packed with music, comedy and surprises you don’t want to miss. Of course, without you, we won’t be able to support the causes that need us.
The ACLU, EarthJustice and Planned Parenthood need you to tune in. This is urgent.

RSVP today to get a first look at the lineup and stand on the right side of history.

As you can imagine, the talking heads on Fox News went crazy. Stuart Varney said: “It’s damaging! Because they keep saying ‘You’re a racist! You’re sexist! And it’s damaging to the stature of the incoming President!’ with Crystal Wright chiming in: “It damages the Constitution, and I go back, this isn’t any laughing matter, the peaceful transition of power. So what celebrities are saying is, if we can’t have our GIRL, Hillary Clinton, elected President, we’re gonna disrupt, you know, America as we know it!”

We’re not entirely sure how a Facebook Live charity event will “disrupt” the peaceful transition of power, but we’re glad people are taking action to protect so many important causes.

You can watch the “news” clip below.

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